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Reviews from Elizabeth
Amazement by Amy Tan


Gift From the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh

A great book! As thought provoking and inspirational today as it was 50+ years ago when the author originally wrote this book! Each chapter is named for a sea shell that starts the "lesson" on different aspects in the author's life. I have read this book over and over and always find new meanings and words of wisdom. This is the perfect gift and truly a book that everyone should read!

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Amazement by Amy Tan


Maman’s Homesick Pie: A Persian Heart in an
American Kitchen
by Donia Bijan

Local chef, Donia Bijan, tells her family’s journey to America from Iran.  Donia has fond memories and stories of her parents told through 30 recipes.  I really love the fact that they are all accessible here in the Bay Area.  Through her mother’s recipes, Donia finds her way and is able to keep her mother with her always.

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Amazement by Amy Tan


The Food Lover's Guide to Paris by Patricia Wells

Really, the only book you'll ever need to eat well on your next visit to Paris! A very well-written book for finding your way around Paris. Arranged by sections/arrondissements, it's very easy to find a place to eat, including the address, metro stop, hours of operation, and prices. Also includes a list of places open on Sundays, open in August, good values, vegetarian friendly, etc. Includes a French/English food glossary!

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